Speech Presentation Tips for Motivational Speakers

For a motivational speaker, creating a good message is just half of the job. The other half belongs to the presentation department because a good message not delivered effectively is no different from an incomprehensible and unhelpful message. Motivational speaking is not just about you talking but about you presenting, which includes visual and audio materials, activity materials, and your whole body as the primary channel.

Don’t waste a good opportunity to make a lasting good impression. Make your presentation impressive the first time around.

1. Identify your goals

Before devising your entire presentation, identify all your goals first, and have those goals met one by one. Ask yourself these questions:

• What are the points you want to make? The entire presentation should revolve around them.

• What do you want your audience to feel and think after the presentation? Each section of your speech will depend on how you want the mood of the audience to change throughout the presentation.

• What atmosphere do you want to set in the venue? Is it light, serious or humorous? The manner at which your make the presentation will depend on the atmosphere you want to establish.

• How are you planning to gain and regain the audience’s interest? What are your primary strategies to make your presentation engaging, and what backup plans can you use once the concentration of the audience drifts apart? A motivational speaker can use anecdotes and testimonials to gain interest, and jokes and practical activities to regain it.

2. Establish eye contact the moment you set foot on stage.

Motivational speakersMaking a connection the very first time the members of the audience lay eyes on you on stage is crucial for your entire presentation because this is the time when they still have the energy, excitement, and eagerness to listen attentively. Grab their attention while they are yet to make unfair judgments of you. The impression you make at this point is bound to last longer.

Many motivational speakers fail in this part of the presentation without intending to. Some of them ignore the audience completely by focusing their attention on the lectern, projector, or teleprompter. Some of them also start by looking at their copies instead of in the eyes of the people in front of them.

The lack of eye contact results to low enthusiasm on both parts. Just imagine the eyes of your audience as your tickets to success—don’t let them get out of your sight. You won’t see your audience on your notes—they’re in front of you.

3. Start with the most compelling points.

The speech of a motivational speaker is not like a top 10 countdown where the best is saved for last. Those in the audience have a short attention span; they won’t wait for a couple of hours to hear what they need. You are just going to waste a precious opportunity to create impact by doing so.

For a stronger approach, start your speech by presenting your most compelling points. The buildup should be from the highest downwards (although sustaining the height is ideal), to be picked up again in the end by giving your conclusion. You can also start by establishing the questions you want answered by the end of your presentation, and why those questions make sense when answered. This is a compelling strategy to make the audience listen to you, so that they can find the answers themselves.

4. Keep your audience involved.

A motivational speaker, although guided by a written speech, is more like an impromptu speaker, which is why reading a speech word for word is never recommended in this type of public speech. Hence, you are expected to converse and not address.

Memorize your outline and not the entire speech, so that you can sound natural, like someone who is just talking to a crowd. Ask questions even when you do not really expect their answers. Allow them to preempt what you want to say by keeping some of your sentences hanging.

Custom Challenge Coins – A Symbol of Unity

Challenge coins are commonly believed to have started during the First World War and were initiated by the United States Air Service. During that time, there were a lot of people who volunteered to join the US Armed Forces. It was thought that during that period, one of the army soldiers in command requested gold plated medallions to be created. These medallions were to be given to pilots and would have the emblem of their corresponding units imprinted on them. Essentially, this was how custom challenge coins were developed.

custom challenge coinsThere are lots of types of challenge coins and the most well-known ones are the Police, the Army, the navy, the Air Force and the Marine Corps challenge coins. The designs, colors, and symbols are based on the different organizations that the challenge coins represent. These coins have constantly retained a great sentimental value even if in fact, they are really inexpensive. Today, the main objective of having custom challenge coins is to recognize people with exceptional achievements in their line of duty; they’re also used to uplift spirits and strengthen unity.

Challenge coins are carried by people that belong to different groups and associations as a proof that they are members of that particular group. Even these days, challenge coins still signify the unity and the solid ties of the people who are part of the same group in the air force, military, and the navy.

Collecting custom challenge coins, particularly the ones that were created so many years ago, is turning into one of the most famous hobbies of the people in the US today. Since challenge coins are being more often custom-made to fit the needs of different organizations, they are available in a range of designs and sizes. At the present time, challenge coins that are rarer, older and have unusual designs have much higher worth.

The good thing about challenge coins is that they can be used for a number of purposes. Presenting a challenge coin is considered to be one of the most perfect ways to recognize a member of an organization or an employee of a company. Custom challenge coins are given to them to acknowledge the services they have provided, for their loyalty in their service, for promotions, for excelling in their field, or for achieving a targeted goal.

In general, a group uses various designs for the various classifications and positions. Also, when the organization or establishment is actually regulating when they give out challenge coins as awards, the people who receive them would feel that they are special members of that group. That would not only make them proud of themselves, but it would also boost their self-confidence and loyalty to their organization.

Challenge coins could also be used as an effective marketing strategy to promote the name of the organization. If a challenge coin is created with the motto and logo of the organization engraved on it, it would actually be a wonderful token to be given away during a trade fair or an exhibition. This way, the group or company, along with their products or services, will be more recognized by people.

Custom challenge coins are made from different kinds of metals and could be coated with different colors to add a striking effect. Other features like protective covering or borders could improve the look of the challenge coins. Now, all there has to be done is to choose a design and a theme to be engraved on the coins and they will be ready very soon. Having challenge coins is a great way to create the feeling of unity within the organization.

A Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer Offers Homeowners An Optimistic Outlook

It pays to ask questions, more so when an individual is in danger of losing his home to foreclosure. Seeking the advice of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer would be the best thing to do in this circumstance.

Road To Foreclosure

Young Law GroupFailure to pay one month’s worth of mortgage payment should not be a cause for anxiety, but not being able to pay for three consecutive months and letting the arrears pile up approximates placing one’s foot on the long road to foreclosure. A homeowner who allows this to happen due to financial constraints will soon find himself getting notices for late payment. Soon there will follow several letters form the lending institution with recommendations on how the homeowner can remedy his situation, which can range from doing a short sale to filing an application for a loan modification. If he is no longer capable of updating his mortgage payments, the homeowner must be prepared to get a notice of default, followed by a notice of foreclosure. During this time, it would be wise for the homeowner to immediately communicate with a Long Island foreclosure lawyer who can provide him straightforward answers and guidance throughout the process.

The Foreclosure Process Begins

The time in which a summons and complaint has been served to the homeowner is the time that the foreclosure process has officially started. Foreclosure proceedings can be a tediously long procedure, so it would be in the homeowner’s best interests to ensure that he has a knowledgeable and understanding Long Island foreclosure lawyer to guide him in preparing a strong foreclosure defense. The main purpose of the defense is to prevent the loss of the homeowner’s property, which can be achieved by fighting the foreclosure case submitted by the lender; by prolonging the foreclosure proceedings, the homeowner has increased chances of not losing his home to a foreclosure sale. The homeowner will then be advised as to what succeeding steps to take to arrive at a reasonable foreclosure solution, which can include preparing a strong foreclosure defense, filing an application for loan modification, or filing a case for bankruptcy protection.

Living With Foreclosure

For the meantime, as much as he wants to do otherwise, the homeowner should stay in his house. Being involved in a foreclosure process is already a distressing burden on his finances; moving out of the house would only compound his financial problems as it entails additional expenses. More than ever, this is the time for the homeowner to keep the lines of communication with his legal assist an ceopentobe able to reach the most achievable foreclosure solution, be it mounting a defense, having the mortgage modified, or declaring bankruptcy.

Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

Having a Long Island foreclosure lawyer who can be trusted could be the distraught homeowner’s best defense. A great number of people who are also suffering from foreclosure find themselves falling into the hands of unscrupulous individuals or firms pretending to provide help. The conned homeowners, overwhelmed from their mounting financial problems, more often than not fail to notice the scammers’ lack of attention to important details and blatant promises to achieve the desired results with literally no questions asked. For their incompetent assistance that produces no tangible results, the unaware homeowner is required to shell out a big amount to pay their outrageous bills. Already distressed from the beginning, the homeowner is now bogged down by the additional burden to his dwindling finances and inevitably loses his home to foreclosure.

The importance of seeking guidance from a reputable Long Island foreclosure lawyer cannot be stressed enough. A homeowner whose house is threatened with foreclosure should get the expert legal assistance he needs as soon as possible to avoid losing his property and to avoid the difficult consequences that a foreclosure may bring upon his financial future.

Playing The Search Game SEO Companies Deal With On A Regular Basis

Search engines used to rank sites based on a variety of different elements, and then they stopped. They changed the algorithm to a point where the average publisher is going to have to end up dealing with a variety of issues that are just not going to go away. If you decided to publish a website and wanted to get a lot of traffic, you would be fighting an uphill battle overall. The reason why most people aren’t really keen on all of this is because they aren’t sure how to get it done properly. Publishing a website is the easy part, getting people to it is the hard part, and it becomes even more difficult as you start to isolate the elements of marketing necessary to gain the upper hand. If you want to do well within any major niche today, you are going to have to take a step back and look at the elements that professional solutions work within. For instance, if you isolate what NY SEO Companies are doing, you will have a better shot at getting to the top of search results today.

SEO Trumps Other Elements

NY SEO companiesSEO is a good way to get started with internet marketing. Search engine optimization relies heavily on a number of different components, and it can create leverage throughout any major niche today. Optimization cycles within the core functions here can build a great deal of elements that will help you over time. It is a long term solution that factors in keyword selection, implementation, and much more. There’s a unique juggling act that you have to deal with here and something that is simply not easy to move forward within. The more you start to work within the isolation elements of this movement, the higher the chances are that you’re going to end up with a positive solution moving forward. Optimization cycles are easy to define at first glance, but the implementation process can become seriously flawed if you don’t hire a professional.

The reason why you need to rely on this over other options is simple, search engines pay close attention to how you’re marketing your page. If you just put up a page and get a ton of traffic, they throw up red flags as to whether or not you’re doing something that is within the confines of a good element overall. If you are doing anything that they feel is “gaming” the system, you are going to get hit hard with penalties.

The Penalty Box of SEO

There are some people that feel SEO is a bad luck charm. There are some issues that come into play when you look into this, and it is a matter of working with the issues that are in place with search engines. The problem that many people run into is in regards to the penalties that search engines seem to have. The main issue that you are going to find in regards to the marketing world today is that search engines aren’t so quick to index pages that are caught “gaming” the system. Even if you were to do it on accident, or you hired one of the many NY SEO Companies to help you out, you would end up having to deal with the penalties that accrue as a result.

Some of the penalties are stiff, and will cause your page to diminish in market share overall. Others are going to be simple to traverse and will get you moving forward within a lot of parameters overall. There’s a lot of penalties that you could end up dealing with, and most of them are not going to be simple to traverse at all. If you’re going to end up with a positive solution moving forward, you will need to placate the penalties and get to the right arenas online.

Getting Traffic That Converts

The biggest issue that you are going to want to overcome aside from the penalties is that of traffic that converts. Not all traffic that you reach into is going to convert, and that’s the issue that you are going to find to be arduous to say the least. The problem with this is in regards to the fact that you have to work on a variety of different pieces to get moving forward with hits. Once hits are starting on your page, you have to deal with the conversion ratio that is not going to be easy to use. If you want to get conversions, your traffic has to be ultra-targeted, otherwise you are not going to end up with a good flow moving forward, and that’s something worth noting as a whole.

At the end of the day you are either going to get noticed online or you are going to get ignored. If you want to end up playing to the masses and you want to have a lot of attention online, you are going to want to get into the traffic that is going to pay off. That’s done through the hiring of a professional that knows how to play the game well. Focus your search on NY SEO Companies and find a good company to work with.

Facts about Enobosarm

Enobosarm, known widely as Ostarine, is a new drug classified under the SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) group alongside anabolic steroids and pro hormones. However, enobosarm is a unique SARM, as it produces the same benefits of other SARMs while negating the known side effects observed on these.

Below are some of the facts you should know about enobosarm and how it weighs against other SARMs:

• Enobosarm improves muscle mass just like other SARMs.

Just like steroids, it improves muscle mass and promotes muscle development without having to deal with negative side effects. Male athletes benefit greatly from this, as they can improve their overall strength, therefore bettering their performance on sports. Aging male athletes too can take advantage of these benefits. This makes enobosarm a more viable replacement for other SARMs.

• Enobosarm helps in cutting down body fat.

enobosarmIf you want to lose weight and at the same time develop your muscle mass (also known as “recomping”), this drug is your best friend. It helps in reducing your calorie intake while increasing your testosterone and metabolism levels, which helps in losing weight. Within 4-6 weeks time, you will notice a huge difference in your weight and muscle mass without the side effects present on other SARMs.

• Enobosarm improves endurance.

Like other SARMs, it helps in improving your endurance, both aerobic and anaerobic. This can greatly help male athletes especially those who are competing in sports such as American football, basketball, and baseball.

• Enobosarm lets you keep your gains.

Unlike steroids, using enobosarm lets you keep the muscle mass you have gained while taking it. This is not true with certain SARMs, as you will only get them temporarily and once you stop taking them, you will experience muscle loss resulting to a drastic decrease in overall energy and performance.

• Enobosarm prevents injuries from worsening.

A little-known benefit of this drug is its capability of treating small injuries and preventing them from getting worse. Recent studies show that it helps in developing and repairing damaged skeletal muscle tissues, which can be a benefit for people suffering from muscle wasting symptoms. Studies also show that it helps in mending bone damages, which means that the drug may be a feasible option to treat osteoporosis and other bone diseases in the future. This is one feat that other SARMs cannot do!

• Enobosarm may help in treating cancer symptoms.

One of the most common symptoms present on certain types of cancer is muscle wasting. As enobosarm is designed to treat muscle problems, it can help in alleviating muscle pains and treat muscle wasting symptoms. Regularly taking the drug (with the help of a medical professional) can help cancer patients be more active and more energetic, which is a positive thing to do when facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

• Harmful side effects will not be had by users of enobosarm.

Regular use of SARMs such as anabolic steroids and pro hormones may produce undesirable side effects such as impotency and infertility. Prolonged use may even lead to muscle wasting and heart problems, which can prove to be a life-threatening side effect. Users of enobosarm need not be afraid of these side effects as it is clinically tested to be safe and free from harmful side effects like these.

Reading the facts above shows that enobosarm is indeed a more viable, and healthy, replacement for other SARMs. Not only does it give you many health benefits and advantages, it also keeps you out from the side effects you may experience from taking other SARMs.

Before you decide to take enobosarms, make sure that you consult a medical professional first. They can help determine whether it is safe for you to take enobosarms. They can also help you in making sure that you take the safe dosages in order for you to gain the best possible benefits from this drug.

Enobosarm is a unique SARM, as it produces the same benefits of other SARMs while negating the side effects.